Brown Derbies Concert – January 16th

Brown Derbies
Ivy intonations!
Witty warblers!
Sassy Serenaders!
A Cappella Awesomeness!

Thanks to Wikipedia, we know that the term “a cappella” is Italian for “in the manner of the church/chapel.” But for many of us, it brings us back to our college days, to a night when we stumbled out of the library (the Rock for liberal arts majors, SciLi for sciences concentrators) after an eternal study session, and came upon a group of singers huddled under an arch, crooning in the crisp autumn air. Suddenly, we are transported by the impromptu performance of memorable melodies past and present.

On Friday, January 16th the magic is coming to San Diego! The Brown Derbies bring a fun-filled show, performing a repertoire of songs that span a variety of different genres, ranging from Rock to Barbershop to R&B and folk. Join us for heavy hors d’oeuvres, drinks and a show at the Rancho Santa Fe home of Dr. Paul Chen, Ivy alum and booster for the choral arts. To help close out the evening, we will have an alma mater sing along with piano accompaniment for each Ivy-Plus University in attendance.

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