Brown Alumni Schools Committees (BASC)

Can you help us? We need Brown Alumni interviewers to serve as ambassadors of their alma mater, share resources and experiences with prospective students, and provide valuable feedback to the Office of Admissions. BASC is seeking interviewers who can commit to any number of 30-minute interviews held from late fall to early winter. The time commitment is flexible. These interviews can be one-on-one or during our annual Centralized Interview Day, which takes place at the end of January.

Just what are the Schools Committees? — The Brown Alumni Schools Committees are groups of Brown alumni around the world (and here in San Diego) who aid the University in identifying and recruiting top-quality applicants for Brown.

Interviewing prospective Brown students — The best way to help Brown and local students is interviewing local applicants one-on-one and then writing a short follow-up report for Brown’s Admission Office, concentrating on the candidates personal qualities that wouldn’t necessarily show up in their records. It is also very helpful to answer questions or refer questions as they come up. We also contact the students that are accepted to answer questions and urge them to attend Brown.

You will enjoy meeting the students that apply to Brown — Interviewing applicants is a rewarding experience. In addition, being a Schools Committee member is a wonderful way to keep in touch with Brown, to do a service for the institution that enriched all our lives, and to work for the Brown community in an easy and enjoyable way. Some alums talk to one or two students; some interview nine or ten. The interview can be as long or short as you wish and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the report to Brown.

Interested? For more information about the interviewing program check out the Interviewer Handbook and register to be an interviewer. Annual registration is necessary for all BASC volunteers. You will have to sign into the Brown Alumni Association website. If you would like more information please contact:

Meg Mandel – [email protected]